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Fsys Software, free downloads

Get the LATEST STABLE DFSee here (official release, not free except for evaluation purposes)

DFSee latest EXPERIMENTAL or BETA version

This is the latest available build, may change on a daily basis, or not touched for months in a row. It will usually work as well, or often even better as the latest STABLE version (see DFSee -> Download), but there could be some issues with new or changed functionality, so use at your own risk, or when instructed by DFSee support ...
  ZIP, all platform versions      MS-installer   MSI, Windows installer      Warpin   WPI, OS/2 installer

Update  DFSee version: 15.3, build date: 2018-08-14 (Packaged: 2018-08-15 22:20:03)

This is exactly the same version that is offered as the 'latest Eperimental/Beta' in the DFSee Help menu under 'Program Updates / Downloads'

dfsee experimental cd     Download latest EXPERIMENTAL DFSee ISO image (55 Mb, may be older than above latest versions)

Third party downloads, may be useful with DFSee

A few downloads, copied here for convenience, but freely available elsewhere on the internet. There is NO SUPPORT by Fsys Software for any of these, and the copyright remains with their respective owners.
    WGET downloader, for Windows, version 1.19
    WGET downloader, for OS/2, version 1.18

    RescuePRO, photo recovery (Windows)
    PartedMagic Linux ISO, for DFSee multiboot USB (40MB)
    Panasonic USB ASPI driver for DOS, version 2.20

Other Fsys Software made, FREE downloads

Various tools and even some useful programs developed by me over the years ...
    LPTool filetransfer and remote-execution

TxWindows 2.xx download

    TxWin multiplatform Textmode windowing library (open source)

Thinkpad On Screen Display utility for OS2

    Thinkpad On Screen Display utility (OS/2 32-bit, open source)

Developed with OpenWatcom

    Replace locked-modules (OS/2 32-bit, incl source)
    Dump window / switch-list (OS/2 32-bit, incl source)
    Show available filehandles (OS/2 32-bit, incl source)
    Monitor shared memory (OS/2 32-bit, incl source)
    Display/Eat shared memory (OS/2 32-bit, incl source)

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