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Multiplatform disk and filesystem utility
Analysis, maintenance and recovery

DFSee product page

DFSee 12cm CDROM DFSee USB stick

For sale in the webshop: DFSee version 14 on a bootable CDROM

Do it yourself: Bootable USB stick running DFSee DOS or Linux!

The perfect data recovery solution, no installation required! Multiplatform Swiss army knife to examine disks in great detail and fix problems with partition definitions and file systems. Create an exact clone or a compressed imagefile from your whole disk or a single partition.


DFSee 14.5 released. Support for disks over 2 TiB plus more efficient and reliable imaging. New features + bug-fixes

— Jan van Wijk (@jvw_dfsee) June 18, 2017
14.6 Minor release, Enhanced mouse support including Linux and macOS; DFSPUPPY bootable USB stick support; 88/256 colors on Linux/macOS. The latest 14.x RELEASE with BROWSING of filesystem directories/files, access to DFSee (.IMZ) and VirtualBox (.VDI) image files

Updated DFSee presentations Includes 'TX advanced scripting', 'DFSee concepts' and new features up to 14.x DFSee conceptual diagram
DFSee slacko desktop (PUPPY)
Run DFSee from a bootable USB stick , with a user-friendly PUPPY Linux, or the older FreeDOS/Linux combo

To make using DFSee more comfortable on Linux (and macOS) the userinterface has been enhanced to match the other platforms:

- The Mouse now works in X-environments (xterm, rxvt, macOS Terminal)

- Screen output can use an 88-color (rxvt) or 256 color (xterm, macOS Terminal) palette where the colors are mapped to closely mimic the 16x16 colors of OS/2, DOS or Windows

- There are new menu items under the 'File' menu to unmount/mount volumes (required on macOS to make disks read/write for DFSee)

Mouse functionality has been enhanced for all platforms to include open HELP with MB3, close windows with Ctrl+click, drag-select in (Browse) lists, toggle between Expert/Basic modes, scroll the text output window and more ...
DFSee menu documentation

DFSee menu documentation updated for version 14.5. Over 800 large screenshots and detailed help information!

A complete reference to every menu-item in the DFSee menu, both BASIC and EXPERT, including the help-screens for every item as well as hundreds of screen-shots documenting the flow of many DFSee functions. Browsing through this reference is probably the fastest and safest way to learn about the capabilities of the DFSee program.
ThinkPad On Screen Display utility for OS2

ThinkPad On Screen Display utility for OS2 and eComStation, version 1.09
A minor textual update, and a better 'stealth' mode (not in tasklist).
Works with systems using APM only, not ACPI!

TxWindows 2.xx download

TxWindows 2.xx download TxWindows library Source, binaries and documentation (development version)

Planned updates

- Recognition and SMART (allocation) support for the XFS and BtrFS Linux filesystems

- Direct access to VMWare and Microsoft virtual disk container files (Like the VDI support in 14.1)

- Better compression for DFSee IMZ images, using the 7z algorithm

Warpstock 2014, St. Louis
Supported Warpstock 2014, St. Louis
With two live presentations on DFSee,
partitioning and filesystems

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