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(Current version is: 15.2, released 30-July-2018)
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DFSee documentation and HOWTO

DFSee ASCII-text help files and command references

DFSee detailed menusystem documentation

Compiled from the actual DFSee applications menu-system and help-pages, there is a seperate chapter for each of the pull-down menus.

The DFSee menu documentation is a complete reference to every menu-item in the DFSee menu, both BASIC and EXPERT, including the help-screens for every item as well as hundreds of screen-shots documenting the flow of many DFSee functions and showing many of the dialogs. Browsing through this reference is probably the fastest and safest way to learn about the capabilities of the DFSee program.

Or just click the top left screen-shot in the top-left of any DFSee page

You can also download the menu-documentation as static HTML (26 Mb ZIP) so it can referenced without an internet connection.

DFSee help system and other information sources

DFSee is in no way an 'easy to use' program, however there is lots of material available that helps even the casual user with most tasks to be performed.
In general people look for two very different kinds of help when using the program:
  1. HOWTO, as in: How do I do this ? Where the this is some high level description of a user problem

    This is hard to catch in built-in help systems or systematic program descriptions since it starts in the problem rather than the solution domain, and is often expressed in terms that do not relate directly to DFSee functionality. It is addressed for DFSee to some extent by providing a summary of HOWTO chapters and by directing users to on-line fora and the public DFSee support forum at Yahoo.

    And as a last resort you can always call in private help of DFSee support through email, but be aware that that could take some time to get answers.

  2. HELP, as in: What does this DO ? Where the this is some DFSee menu item of command

    This is much easier to answer in a systematic way than the HOW kind of questions, and several mechanisms for DFSee exist:

Tips and DFSee usage information, HOWTO

Several important DFSee procedures and topics explained in HOWTO chapters in HTML or in PDF

DFSee related presentations

Background information on partitioning, filesystems and DFSee itself is available in the following HTML and PDF presentations:

DFSee version 14.x, functionality overview and new features

View/download as PDF

TXscript, advanced scripting, as used in DFSee 9.03 and up

View/download as PDF

PC partitioning including OS/2 LVM


View/download as PDF

PC filesystems, FAT, FAT32, HPFS, NTFS, JFS, EXT2/3, ReiserFS ...


View/download as PDF

Short introduction to the DFSee utility, concepts and working
(Presented at Warpstock-2004)


View/download as PDF

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