LPTool daemon screenshot and introduction

LPTool daemon screenshot

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Title-part of the enclosig OS/2 window-frame

This is the title-bar of the OS/2 window, here with a title a created by the lptd command. It includes the operatingsystem level controls for the window like the system-menu, maximize, minimize and close and the rollup-button created by the Object-Desktop add-on product.

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Status line with 'current-file' and queue status

The status line at the top display information on the file currently sent or received, and the involved queue-buffers.
The line either shows the idle status with related send/receive queue empty, or when active:

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LPTool standard logo text with copyright

This is the standard LPTool logo shown at startup with:

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LPTool additional daemon logo text

An additional logo-text that explains the functionality of the daemon in short, it is shown once at startup, and repeated after each prompt when the prompting leel is set at a high level.

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LPTool standard prompt text

The LPTool prompt line contains the following information:

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Command-queue echo of cmd to execute

This is a display of the command to be executed next, with:

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Ping output on the sending size, standard

A single line of output showing that a Ping has been sent, and when properly connected, that a Pong has been received.
The pong text also identifies the LPTool version running at the other end. When the versions are not equal, an addition LPTool message will given as a warning that it might no be fully compatible.

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Additional info on using 'ping +'

When using the 'ping +' command, the exchanged capabilities will be reported for:
currently they are: Other capabilities might be added in future versions, the two LPTool at each end will query the other side for matching capabilities.

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Send file-information and progress indicator

For each file sent or received, a single line will be displayed with:

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Statistics summary at end of send session

This is a summary display for all the files sent or received in the previous batch. Normally it will be presented automaticcaly after each send or receive session, it can be shown manually using the statcommand.
The fields in the first row are totals for:

The fields in the second row are:

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LPTool scrollbuffer and entryfield controls

The total LPTool window has 4 major parts: The focus is normally on the entryfield, but can be transferred to the scrollwindow using the tab-key.

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