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(Current version is: 16.1, released 22-May-2019)
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DFSee, support guidelines and links

Support for DFSee is limited to the latest versions only (15.x and 16.x). If you have issues with older versions, please upgrade to the latest version first, before getting support on the issue.

Required information

Almost all support issues require some information to be collected. The best and easiest way to do that is use one or more of the standard analysis procedures that come with DFSee:
DFSDISK To check partition-table and LVM issues. See the DFSee DFSDISK procedure for details.
DFSCHECK If the problem is with a specific partition and filesystem, you can also run the DFSCHECK procedure, which is in the same 'Actions' menu as DFSDISK, or can be started using the DFSCHECK command/batch file or shell script.

In all cases, a description on the actual PROBLEM, and on what you remember from what the system/partitions looked like (sizes, partition-types and so on), will also help with a quick and successfull analysis.

Email support

Registration will give you access to email support and some assistance on using the program. However, all such support is on a best effort basis, normally with an email response within a few days.

Normal email support is FREE for registred users (to be :-) but is limited to answering usage questions and simple assistance.

Recovery assistance

More involved assistance, like processing DFSDISK or DFSCHECK analysis results, and creating recovery scripts is NOT free.

Depending on the complexity of the recovery, you need to get one or more 'Support Units'. When applicable, you will be informed by DFSee support about the need to buy support units ...

Get one or more DFSee support Units. Each unit is € 25.

Note: The purchase of a full-version, or upgrade to the latest version, includes one such support-unit, so in general the first support case will be 'free'!

DFSee support group on Yahoo (including mailing list)

You can also use the DFSee discussion and support forum, on Yahoo. This forum is intended as a meeting and discussion place for all issues regarding DFSee and related stuff. As the author, I'll try to join as often as possible.

Click to subscribe to dfsee-support

You can read the forum on the website and post new messages or reply to existing ones. You can also choose to have the messages sent to you as email, and even reply using your favourite email program.

Note that to avoid heavy spamming on that list you need approval to join. Using a suspicious email-address (yahoo, hotmail etc) will require answering an extra confirmation email. So make sure the email address you use to join is a real one, and read the incoming mail on it!

Scheduled support absence

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(support page) DFSee, support guidelines and links
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