USA southwest photo gallery, Jan van Wijk

Navigation tips

Images can be selected by using a route-map for each of the available years. The first set of maps will automatically advance from one year to the other showing the traveled route, until you click somewhere in the map wich will bring you to the second set ...

In the second set, the maps have clickable-regions that will bring you to a list of photographs for that area.

Below the maps are some alternative ways to get to the photographs, there is a raw index with all thumbnails, a chronological list of thumbnails with descriptions, and sometimes an other method of selection.

Clicking any thumbnail image will display the image, with a short description. You can navigate to other images of the same year using the arrows above the picture, and you can go back where you came from by clicking on the image itself.
This is the fastest way to go back and forth between the thumbnails and the images.

You can also use the [Map-199x] link to select a different area from the map, or select a map for a different year.

Main entrance ...

USA southwest pictures; (c) 1995..2001, Jan van Wijk

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