Information on disk partitioning and filesystems

Note: This section is still under construction, topics to be expected are:

    Disk partitions
    HPFS information
    NTFS information
    VFAT information
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Data recovery and File-System information links

  Quetek Consulting Corporation
File Scavenger UNDELETE and File recovery
One of the best tools for file undelete and recovery of files from inaccessible NTFS partitions (and damaged disks)

  The Data Recovery Resource Guide
The Data Recovery Resource Guide is a comprehensive directory of resources available to recover lost data due to virus attacks, deletion, formatting etc. You can search for data recovery software, data recovery services, and data recovery tools for all data types.

  Data Recovery Software & File Recovery (USA)
Professional data recovery services (USA based) and some very good data recovery tools as well

  Vital Data Recovery (Canada)
Professional data recovery services (Canada based)

  Disaster Recovery Resources
Resource site for disaster recovery issues. Hundreds of articles, newsletters and thousands of links ALL FREE in one easy to use location. When you need to research disaster recovery issues, you're welcome to use this resource site.

  Data Recovery HQ categorized resource directory for everything about data recovery.

  Backup HQ categorized resource directory for everything about backups.

  South Florida Computer Consulting
Aimed at general computing support, repair and consultancy

South Florida Geeks is the answer to all of your home and business computer consulting and computer support needs

Links to filesystem information

  NTFS informartion from the LINUX-NTFS project on SourceForge
The best source of info I found sofar on the NTFS filesystem structures.
It has been used in the process of building the (read-only) NTFS filesystem driver for Linux.

  Another NTFS 'home-page'
A lot of good information, and one of the best collections of recovery tips I have found
Home of the IDA-disassembler and PhotoRescue
A source of professional data recovery services too.

  Installing OS/2 with Win9x (preload) on large disks
Adding OS/2 Warp to preloaded Win9x on harddisks larger than 8.4 Gb

  Linux HOWTO's
Linux HOWTO's on booting, partitions and filesystems

  Partition types, by Andries Brouwer
A very good overview and explanation of partition types.

  A Linux large-disk HOWTO, by Andries Brouwer
A complete overview and explanation of disk-partitioning limits in relation to large disks. Very usefull, and not only for Linux users!

  The Linux Partition HOWTO
A lot of partition information, biased towards Linux

Links to filesystem utility software

    Display File Systems
    Graham utilities
    Do it Yourself Datarecovery
    Partition Magic
    Data Recovery Software & File Recovery

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