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Multiplatform disk and filesystem utility
Analysis, maintenance and partition/file recovery

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The perfect data recovery solution, no installation required! Multiplatform Swiss army knife to examine disks in great detail and fix problems with partition definitions and file systems. Create an exact clone or a compressed imagefile from your whole disk or a single partition.

DFSee version 15.5 has been released! Better disk-identification strings and several other UI enhancements and bug fixes! See: https://t.co/DxRO990Sb8 Includes 32 and 64-bit PUPPY Linux bootable USB sticks. pic.twitter.com/jk672zzI7z

— Jan van Wijk (@jvw_dfsee) December 23, 2018
DFSee download DFSee    15.6 MINOR release.
More robust download scripts for UPDATE and DFSPUPPY; Auto single/multi select on Linux; OS/4 kernel info.
The latest 15.x RELEASE with Clipboard support, BROWSING of directories/files including access to DFSee image files and UPDATE to newer versions from DFSee itself

TxWin 5.xx download TxWin    Multi-platform text mode windowing library, Open Source

DFSPUPPY DFSPUPPY, DFSee bootable USB stick, now for sale in the WEBSHOP

DFSee xenial64 desktop (PUPPY)

DFSee xenial64 Run DFSee from a bootable USB stick
Several bootable USB-stick variants are available, either with a user-friendly PUPPY Linux, or the older FreeDOS/Linux combination

To make using DFSee more comfortable on Linux (and macOS) the userinterface has been enhanced with full Mouse, Clipboard and 88/256 color support.

DFSee conceptual diagram Updated DFSee presentations Includes 'TX advanced scripting', 'DFSee concepts' and new features
DFSee menu documentation

DFSee menu DFSee menu documentation
Updated for version 15.4. Over a 1000 large screenshots and detailed help information!

A complete reference to every menu-item in the DFSee menu, both BASIC and EXPERT, including the help-screens for every item as well as hundreds of screen-shots documenting the flow of many DFSee functions. Browsing through this reference is probably the fastest and safest way to learn about the capabilities of the DFSee program.

Most relevant screenshots have been updated for version 15.4 now, and more will follow ...

ThinkPad On Screen Display utility for OS2 ThinkPad On Screen Display
Utility for OS2 and eComStation, version 1.09
A minor textual update, and a better 'stealth' mode (not in tasklist). Works with systems using APM only, not ACPI!

JvW Photo Gallery Photo Gallery, Jan van Wijk

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